Desperate Changes To My Living Room!

For several years, I have been buying and selling furniture on craigslist.  As a result, the furnishings in my home are in a constant state of change.  In a recent post, Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Finishes gave me some invaluable painting advice (here) that will hopefully transform my home from blah to- well, fabulous!  I intend to follow Leslie's advice at the first opportunity, but in the meanwhile I will be honest-  I hate, hate, hate my living room.  I am okay with the dining room and family room but the living room- major help is needed.  The furniture is out of scale and there is no unifying factor.  And there are too many small bits- I like large and select statement pieces rather than a little bit of this or that.  Have you ever known exactly how you want it to look but find it has totally gotten away from you?  Which is where I am at today and which brings me back to craigslist.  I have had moments (fleeting) when I felt some satisfaction with the design of the living room but then I will sell a piece or two and all is out of kilter once again.

For a long time my taste was French but I find more and more I am drawn to a rough-luxe aesthetic. I love contrasting textures and the play of old against new or the unexpected antique placed casually against an inexpensive piece. Like this,

Photo by Joanna Macleannan via
or this

or this

Design by Debra Cronin

The only problem is once again I am missing the architectural backdrop. For this look to be successful it needs a strong framework. Back to Leslie and the miracle of decorative painting!


After (1)
So, until I pick up the paintbrush, I made a few changes, pulling furniture from here and there hoping for a more cohesive look. The bergeres I have had forever and will not sell and I recently switched out the coffee tables from the family room to the living room. I know there are still a lot of glaring problems- the too small rug, the lamp blocking one mirror...

After (2)

 I took down the French sconces and put up the two plaques instead.  I know they are too small and hung too low...but I don't want to drill more holes until I am satisfied.

 I painted and glazed the table and spray painted the baskets a slate gray. Better, I think. Still not at all what I want, but better.

Here is the table before- a sad, tired bleached pine that should have been put to death a long time ago. I bought it off c-list thinking to paint and resell it but just never got around to it. I am beyond mortified. (But, in my shameful defense, it did offer great storage)!

Any thoughts, advice or offers of demolition gratefully accepted! 

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