Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall!

Mirrors have a long association with superstition and folklore and were believed to be a device of the gods and possess magical powers. The superstition of breaking a mirror and having seven years of bad luck dates back to ancient Rome. It was thought the mirror reflected the soul and breaking one shattered the soul into pieces.  Others believed that when someone died, covering the mirror trapped the soul inside.  It was also believed that looking at your reflection was a way to enter another world.  The subject of mirrors is often found in cultural expression.

"Mirror, mirror, here I stand.  Who is the fairest in the land?"
Wilhelm Grimm

The mirror crack'd from side to side;
"The curse is come upon me, cried"
The Lady of Shalott."
Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

 "I had a parakeet that used to fly around the house and crash into these huge mirrors my mother put in. Ever heard of this interior design principle, that a mirror makes it seem like you have an entire other room? What kind of jerk walks up to a mirror and goes, 'Hey, look, there's a whole other room in there. There's a guy that looks just like me in there.' But the parakeet would fall for this. I'd let him out of his cage; he'd fly right into the mirror. And I'd always think, 'Even if he thinks the mirror is another room, why doesn't he at least try to avoid hitting the other parakeet?"
Jerry Seinfeld 

"The mirror is the worst judge of true beauty."
Sophia Nam

Vogue Living via
Design by Oscar de la Renta

Design by Alex MacArthur

Australian Vogue Living via 
Design by Philippe Model

 Veranda via
Photo by Jacques Dirand

Pair of mid 18th century florentine mirrors

From the estate of Gianni Versace

Design by Eddie Ross

 An Italian 19th c wood and gilt mirrored sconce

Photo by Polly Eltes


Design by Kendall Wilkinson

Photo by Josephine Sacabo

Design by Renea Abbott

Source Unknown

Design by Michelle Niday

Design by Eleanor Cummings

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