Paint Madness!

Well, I have a problem. I have only lived in this house three years this summer and have already painted my dining room three or four times (honestly, I have lost count). For whatever reason, the dining room is the focus of my ever restless design redos. My husband and sons think I am nuts. Each time I have to take everything off of the walls, cover the chandelier, shuffle around and protect the furniture, protect the floor, etc.  Yes, nuts is it, all right.

I have tried periwinkle (not happening), an aqua and two different grays. Currently, my paint is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. It is pretty enough but no longer rocks my world (if it ever did).  I think I am hoping for a magical transformation that will fulfill my need for dining room drama.

The paint I am contemplating is Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green. I think I am love with the idea of Narragansett because I love the beach town of that name in Rhode Island.

The dining room shortly after we moved in. Check out the old fake brass chandelier. The paint madness is just in its infancy.  I think the color to the right of the facing window was the periwinkle that eventually was put to the test and failed.

The aqua didn't last either.

The dining room in its current incarnation. Stonington Gray is the color above the chair rail. I honestly have no recollection of what the bottom color is. I haven't decided whether I will paint the entire wall Narragansett or just half.

Trying out the color. I know better from painful experience not to try it out on the wall (ha).

In these photos the paint appears almost navy but in person it looks much more blue-green. I think I like it. At least, today.

All is quiet. For now.

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