Are You a Fan of Craigslist?

Well, I certainly am!  I have found many quality items on craigslist. I have a had a few disappointments when things looked enticing in the online picture but were a big NO THANKS in person.  But generally, by following a few simple rules, I have managed to bring home some great finds.

My breakfast room table and chairs and my antique English scrubbed pine chest.

 I purchased the table and chairs several years ago from Marian Parsons, AKA, Miss Mustard Seed. I originally had answered her craigslist ad for a slipped French settee she had for sale and ended up purchasing the table and chairs as well! Marian writes about it here. I had no idea at the time Marian was a blogger!  Her blog is really fabulous with an incredible selection of tutorials on all types of do it yourself projects.

 French antique hand painted screen

My incredible antique dining table and chairs.

 A very old foxed mirror.

  A sweet settee which looked very different in it's former life.

All of my craigslist finds come with stories. Always they involve my fevered rush to be the first to answer an ad; the negotiation, the pick-up and any restoration involved.

 Today, I drove 30 miles to pick up a pair of French settees. One is covered in a very faded and stained velvet. The other is a lovely but tattered silk chinoiserie   Yes, they have seen better days. But, I have big plans to show them the good life again. I will wait for them to show me what new clothes they fancy!

I suppose they are bergere settees. I find it odd they were upholstered in different, if contrasting, fabrics. Regardless, they were surely fabulous once!

Thanks for visiting and do come again!