A Swedish Home Brought Back To Life

Wonderful architecture, inherent charm and creative owners have brought new life to a 19th century Swedish home. The once neglected stately brick home presents an almost storybook appearance with it's unusual sloping roof and eaves.  An expansive lawn and gardens are overlooked by a matching gazebo.

The large entrance hall welcomes with furnishings evident of the owner's creativity and ingenuity. While some of the pieces are antique, in many cases secondhand pieces were given new life adding both charm and elegance.

The adjoining kitchen is built of rough hewn stable wood found on the property. Black and white ceramic tile add a vintage vibe.

The dining room is especially lovely with a Mora clock and reinvented table and chairs.

A place for reading has been carved out of one end of the living room.

 While light colors dominate, occasional spots of bright color toy with the quiet.

Elegant French doors leading to the terrace flood the living room with light.

The bedrooms feature canopied beds (love one canopy tying the twins together) and all the essentials necessary for restful evenings.

Portraits throughout the home suggest a stately past but there is never a suggestion of overt formality. Instead, this is a delightfully relaxed home where the elegant mixes with the ordinary and no eyebrows are raised.

I love the look of a canopied day bed. It turns the ordinary into extraordinary! I am especially enamored with the matching portraits and end tables. I don't think I could get away with fake ancestors- my children would fall over laughing. But I think two complimentary paintings work equally well as do sconces or architectural fragments. The creative possibilities are endless.

 I would like to do something similar with this French sofa. It is a very comfortable slipcovered piece that can handle a lot of use so it would be perfect for those lazy afternoons! Presently, it resides in my living room between two windows. Perhaps there is a way to work them in. I will have to put my thinking cap on! Any suggestions are very welcome...