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 Open the door to rooms decorated tough, sober and chic in the French-Flemish style of living and you have entered the world of De Beukenhof, named after the beech outside.  Located in Woudenberg, about 70 km from Amsterdam, De Beukenhof specializes in interior design and antiques, characterized by authentic materials and colors. Here you will find muted linen and powdery lime paint, rugged handcrafted and custom furniture. Antiques include mirrors, lamps, vases, glass and earthenware from the Maastricht potteries.

The De Beukenhof is also home to owner Ann van den Berg, who has created a warm haven for husband Geert and sons Machiel and Bart amidst an atmosphere of subdued luxury. With the exception of sentimental family pieces dear to Ann's heart, everything is for sale and change is a regular occurrence.

Ann's love of antiques began as a child attending auctions with her mother in search of ceramics, glass and silver. Over the years, Ann amassed a huge collection and decided about fourteen years ago to hold her first carport sale that was such a success it marked the beginnings of annual sales. Ann's customers loved the flea market specials that Ann sourced. During those days, they often came inside her house and were so positive in their reaction that Ann increasingly advised them on their decorating.  As demand grew, Ann decided to open a shop in her home which was decorated in the style that so beguiled her customers. Her house became her business card and she became increasingly knowledgeable about furniture, fabrics and lighting. She began specializing in her design elements of traditional furniture, lime paints and complimentary antiques. What had been a hobby in a few years became a labor of love. Ann's great pleasure is helping her customers create a beautiful home.

The kitchen floor is checkered tiles of Belgian stone and white marble.  The sink is antique. Ann's love of the old and sturdy is reflected in her collection of pudding molds, onion pots and earthenware jugs.

The cozy kitchen is where Ann and her family spend most of their time and where some of Ann's personal treasures including silverware, antique glass and pottery are gathered.

The living room is a reflection of Ann's favorite style, a combination of iron, wood, weathered pottery and some special pieces including an antique French chandelier. Coarse linen dresses classic, timeless furniture.  Ann loves the casual atmosphere and juxtaposition of pure linen and coarse wood, authentic glassware and "poor man's silver".  She describes her style as restrained luxury reflecting her belief that not all design should be excessive. Livability is important and she embraces the rough and useful that allows for a relaxed atmosphere when young grandchildren come to visit.

A white cabinet is currently home to a Versailles zinc roof ornament and antique vases.


The decor in Ann's living room changes often as pieces are sold.

The garden room is a recent addition to the house. The table is an antique which Ann treats with master oil stains.

A driftwood chandelier beautifully compliments the antique table.

Linen upholstered armchairs and a limestone fireplace warm a floor of thick black slabs.

Glass is a favorite of Ann's throughout the home.

Ann's kitchen with its charming antique counter, crystal chandelier and French Delaubrac stove. The cabinets are painted a warm shade of gray blue.

The decor evolves constantly as pieces are sold and new ones are brought in. Ann and her husband both love to cook and the kitchen is where they spend most of their time.

Ann's personal treasures of antique pottery and glassware are on display.

Organic elements of wood and linen set against a stone floor.

Lamp by Bleu Nature

A coffee table crafted from an old door.

One of the beautiful pot lamps Ann sells.

Antique jars rest high upon a cabinet

Bocce balls and earthenware

The recently remodeled bathroom has custom made oak cabinets and a concrete sink.  The mirrors are from Bleu Nature.

A cozy house in Wells sports a linen- covered Huygen armchair

A moody interior in Utrecht

Lime painted walls in the color "Gritti"

My new design crush- pink refrigerators!

A home in Woudenberg

A project in Gronigen overlooks the skyline and the masts of moored ships.

Ann has her own color line at Carte Colori, manufacturers of lime paint that is remarkable for its atmospheric beauty. Made using a marble binder, it produces a high quality effect.

A kitchen painted Carte Colori "Greige".

A living room painted in "Gritti".

All images courtesy Ann van den Berg

More information about De Beukenhof herehere, and here

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