Welcome to A House Romance!

When we found our house it had been sad and mistreated. It has made a journey from being neglected to cherished and has seen many changes during its evolution from house to home. Today, it has many caretakers watching over it.

 My Santos angel; a face I have grown to love. She is wearing an antique mother of pearl rosary from a convent in Paris and grows ever more serene.  As we embrace our home we surround ourselves with the objects we love and they become part of our story.  I considered purchasing my Santos quite a few times before finally bringing her home.  My hesitation stemmed from my dislike of following trends.  I didn't want to regret buying her and I am delighted to say I have never felt that way.  Indeed, I love her more as time passes.

The Santos occupies a corner of my dining room where she is hanging out with a few Christmas trinkets I am still enjoying.  Normally, they would be whisked away on the 26th so this is very unusual for me.  You can catch a glimpse of a German glass glitter ornament hanging on the chandelier.

A sweet Italian paper mache putti.  He watches over our comings and goings with a bemused expression. I am not always certain he knows what to make of us!  I usually keep him high on a bookcase where he can keep an eye on things.

This lady occupies a corner of our dining room where she presides over holiday dinners in her role as family matriarch.  She is quite demure but don't let that fool you.  She can instill terror into the hearts of naughty youngsters misbehaving at the table!

Bebe (black) and Sam are the supervisors of all activities in the home, especially in the kitchen where they are in full command.

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